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Look what others are saying

Letters from a few of our valued customers

Subject: Bonn Orchestral 4/4 Cello Outfit

Dear Mr. Tim Dye, Thanks for your kindness on the phone. As a novice for cello, your information was really helpful in making decision. I got everything correctly on Friday.
I appreciate.
Young You - San Antonio, TX

Subject: Order #6281 Bonn Concerto Violin

Hi Mr. Dye, The violin looks and sounds beautiful. We are pleased with it and look forward to it "maturing". My son has taken it to school for orchestra but only had a lesson this past Thursday after the holidays and his violin teacher said I did well with the purchase.
Thank you.
Linda Ooi

Subject: Campis 3/4 Size Violin Order

Mr. Dye, I received the violin today! It is beautiful! My daughter loves it. Thank - you so much.
I will definitely refer your company to my friends and family. Once again, THANKS!!!!
Vicki Price

Subject:Thanks, Bonn German Concerto Viola

We want to let you know that the Bonn German Concerto Viola had arrived in excellent condition last Tuesday. We are very impressed with the viola quality and your services. My son loves it very much. He had showed it to his music teacher at school the next day. His music teacher is very impressed with this viola as well. He thought it cost us at least $1500. One of my colleagues has already asked me about your business card. Thank you very much again for your recommendations and excellent customer services.
Best regards,

Subject: Beautiful Bonn German Concerto Violin

Thank you for the violin. My son loves to play everyday. It has a wonderful sound and the music teacher was very impressed. Could you send me some more of your business cards? I have had several people ask where we bought the violin.
Thank you again for your prompt shipment and courteous customer service.


Subject: My Bonn Concerto Bass

The bass has arrived safe and sound and in perfect shape, thank you so much. Thanks again, and again and again.
You guys saved me 2 grand.

Dr. Chuck Noonan

Subject: Subject: bonn pro viola

My parents got me a Bonn pro viola and I love it.
Got a better bow and PIRAZZI EVAH strings and it sounds better than my teachers $2,000.00 viola.


Subject: Bonn Pro viola received

Sorry it took this long to get you the message that I had received the 14" Bonn Pro viola and extra bow in a timely manner. My daughter tested it and she liked it very much. Thank you very much for your recommendation and I really appreciate doing business with you.

Thank you,
Hoang Pham

Subject: Bonn Orchestral 4/4 Cello

The cello arrived and our daughter loves it. The cello is absolutely beautiful with a great sound as well. Thank you for being so helpful. We are very happy with our purchase and will definitely use you for all of our musical needs! Thanks again. You are a superior businessman.

Anne Kemp, NJ

Subject: Received Bonn 4/4 Concerto Violin

Hi Tim, I'm just sending you a note that I got my violin. It's beautiful !

Thanks a bunch !
Lisa Dziekan

Subject: Bonn G-100 Orchestral Cello for Tony Bedi

Thanks for meeting the 04/25/05 delivery date for the Bonn G-100 Cello for my daughter. If you could print the look on her face in your testimonials you'd sell thousands of cellos daily. It was good to know that she hugged her cello rather than her dad when she realized what it was. I'm also going to learn how to play cello. This way I'll be able to play some of the Beatles songs and ELO's songs as originally recorded.

Thanks again,
Tony Bedi

Subject: Order received The Bonn 4/4 Pro Violin

Just wanted to let you know, I have received my violin. It is damage free and I am very happy with the product. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I wish all business's knew how to treat the customer.

Thanks again,
Bob Molcsan

Subject: 3/4 violin purchase

How are you, Tim?

I just checked your web site and wanted to say hi to you. I bought a 3/4 violin for my daughter a year ago and it sounds beautiful. Thanks for your selection for the best. We will come back again.

Paul Shao

Subject: The Bonn Concerto 4/4 violin arrived today

Hello Tim,

Just a quick note to let you know , my violin arrived today, in perfect shape. What a beautiful instrument.Thanks for all your help.

George Bell

Subject : My Bonn Student 4/4 Violin Outfit Purchase

Dear Tim,

My wife and I want to thank you for your very knowledgeable and friendly conversation concerning the purchase of a violin for our grandaughter. And, especially we want to thank you for the excellent Bonn violin! (she loved it!) We also wish to note and thank your salesperson, Earl, who made everything so simple and painless in helping us to make our decision. Rest assured that if and when we need expert assistance in this area again, you will be the first telephone call we make. I cannot praise your services enough.

Clarence and Linda Reece

Subject : Bonn German Orchestral 4/4 Cello Outfit Purchase

The Bonn Orchestral cello is excellent. Shipping, service excellent. Buy confidently!

G. Sigler

Subject : Bonn German Orchestral Cello Outfit

Great cello, packing, and emails. Quality at a good price. Thanks!



Hello Tim, the bass came today, it is fantastic. I thought it would be very plain jane and basic, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of workmanship and tone. This a nice stand-up electric bass for someone who needs a portable unit ( easy to play sitting like a cello as well ). Thanks for the prompt service also


Subject : Bonn Orchestral cello purchase

Very good cello for the price. Easy transaction, prompt shipping. Store4strings is very helpful and provided excellent service.

Thanks again.

Subject : Bonn Concerto 4/4

Hi – This is Jan Papagno.

I am very pleased with the violin. I haven’t played one since I was 13 at my last concert recital at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, but I plan on being able to play as well as I did then, perhaps better.

Thank you
Jan Papagno

Subject : Bonn Concerto 4/4 and Bonn Pro 1/4 Violins Received


Just wanted to let you know that I received the shipment. The violins and accessories are great!

Terri Baich

Subject : Bonn Concerto Violin

Dear Tim

I have received the Bonn Concerto Violin as promised. Today, I had my instructor fine tune the violin and give me her feedback. She was quite impressed with the style and construction. I enjoyed our conversation the other night and felt that I received a good value. It is my desire to continue our relationship. Thank you again for you help, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards,
Richard Pahucki

Subject : Bonn Dorata Viola

The viola arrived in great condition - the 15" is a perfect fit, and I wish I'd had a camera when our daughter opened the case - she was so happy to have her own instrument - and such a lovely one, at that! Thanks, too, for taking so much time on the phone with me to answer questions about "who you are" and how to determine the right instrument for our child. I will recommend you to all our friends!

Regards, Eileen Smotzer

Subject : Bonn Orchestral Cello Purchase

The cello arrived yesterday and is in perfect condition - it has a nice quality sound as well! Thanks for all your help!


Subject : Our Violin Purchase

Hello Lorie.The violin came today. What a great violin. I am glad you recommended the Bonn Concerto. The instructor was greatly impressed and also looks forward to referring many students to your company. Again, Thanks for a wonderful experience and your guidance through a very important decision. I will be purchasing from your company again. You will also be receiving an order from my sister in Ohio very soon.

Robin Connally

Subject : Got the cello

Got the cello today Bonn Orchestral 4/4 #79353. The cello looked fine. Got it home and started playing, and it sounds real good. Thanks for a fine instrument. I look forward to dealing with you again.

Peace, Howard

Subject : The Violin

Hello Tim and of course Lori and Jen. If I was 10 years old and had two ice cream cones , I could not be happier than I am with the violin you sent me. After it gets some rigorous "playing in" it will be in excellent condition. It has a small "wolf tone" on the 'D' string which will be no problem to overcome and it is beautifully balanced on all strings. I really feel that this fiddle will really shape up. This fiddle replaces a $1200 Roumanian violin that I had here "on approval" which had two dead notes on the 'D" string that were really bad. I certainly wish you guys continued success and a whopping big celebration on your store's 18th anniversary.

Arthur Birdsall

Subject : Violin Purchase

I recently received my Bonn violin. I am very happy with the look and quality of this instrument.
I'm looking forward to learning to play. I really appreciate your assistance over the phone,
especially since I am new to the violin world. From the various violins that I have seen,
you offered a superb product at an excellent price.
Once again, thank you!

Sincerely Pat R.

Some of our internet sales customer comments

Rated a Good Seller by croneeng
4/4 Bonn Concerto Cello Outfit
Comment: Really Nice!!! Good folks, safe shipping!!! Thanks!!!
Mr. Crone

Rated a Good Seller by artistforchildren
15 Inch Campis Viola Outfit
Comment: Too bad you don't have a circle and the word excellent because I would give you an excellent rating.
Diane Worley

Rated a Good Seller by goobaby32000
New Violin 3/4 sz Beautiful
Comment:A fabulous business, and returned calls and emails promptly. Excellent to do business with. As a violin teacher I was very impressed with the price and the violin and case! Will be ordering again from him!

Rated a Good Seller by darrelwmorris
A Beautiful NEW Violin 4/4 outfit
Comment:Violin is very nice. My Daughter really enjoys playing it. Shippment was timely and painless.

Rated a Good Seller by bunwokoma
Bonn German Violin
Comment: A good company to deal with. Does business in timely manner and works with buyer in a friendly way. they are just awesome .

Rated a Good Seller by hbohill
Beginning Violin / Fiddle VHS inst. Video
Comment:Great transaction. Product is as described. Good to do business with. Fast shipment.

Rated a Good Seller by yakovkatanov
Beautiful Violin 1/4 size outfit
Comment:Very friendly service, quick and promt reply, to questions.

Rated a Good Seller by dayongr
Beautiful NEW Violin 4/4 Fiddle outfit
Comment:Excellent seller. A+++. Good products for good prices.

Rated a Good Seller by hongmo
Beautiful German Pro Violin outfit
Buyer gives Good Seller rating. Comment:A++, good seller and got my violin in 3 days.

Rated a Good Seller by megtam86
Bonn German Violin
Comment:A+ Great Seller and a Great Product. Fast Response & Shipping.Thank you !!

Rated a Good Seller by beusch4
Bonn German Violin 4/4 outfit
Comment:Violin was just as advertised and arrived very quickly. My daughter loves the instrument. Thanks.

Rated a Good Seller by m_spiller
Beautiful Violin 1/2 size outfit
Comment:seller is aaa+, great to do business with.

Rated a Good Seller by
Violin 1/4 size w/Case,Bow
Comment:Can't say enough about transaction! Saved hundreds,was here in three day's,was available for questions,and product was wonderful!!! Thank You!!

Rated a Good Seller by socamp
4/4 Cello Featherweight Case
Comment:Very nice case, quick delivery

Rated a Good Seller by dbesem
Bonn 4/4 Orchestral Cello Outfit
Comment:The cello looks great. So glad to be free from renting, Thank You

Rated a Good Seller by traffle
4/4 Cello Featherweigh Case
Fast Delivery. Good Packing.

Rated a Good Seller by scottb709
4/4 Bonn Orchestral Cello Outfit
Comment: Cello arrived safely - a good value for the price

Rated a Good Seller by dewdrop60
Bonn Orchestral 4/4 Cello Outfit
Comment:Great price. Received cello within one week.

Rated a Good Seller by chipmarin
4/4 Fiddle outfit
Comment:Excellent promised and quick. politely and professionally with confidence.

Rated a Good Seller by sar_hawkes
Beautiful Violin 3/4 size w/ Case
Comment:Wonderful doing business with you!

Rated a Good Seller by lowerydad

Rated a Good Seller by bittercreekgrass
Beginning Violin / Fiddle VHS inst. Video
Comment:Seller had a fast shipping response. Would do business again.Excellent to do business with.

Rated a Good Seller by trinachang
A Beautiful New Violin 4/4 sz
Comment:Thanks for the express shipping. Really pleased about the violin. will trade again :) thanks :)

Rated a Good Seller by eelanmi
Comment:Very nice violin. Very responsive to my inquires and very helpful people.

Rated a Good Seller by grogfans
Beginning Violin / Fiddle VHS inst. Video
Comment:Great video, fast shipping, great to deal with. AAA+