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French Horns


Our new saxophone line is perfect for students, rental equipment, the hobbyist, or even that musician looking to ad another axe to his arsenal. We've made sure these saxes sound great and great features.

All Saxes are made from bell brass, and have solid brass keys with a polished lacquer finish. We use high quality leather pads with metal resonators for improved tone and to eliminate leaks. Each sax outfit comes with deluxe case, mouthpiece, reed, adjustable neck strap and a blanket.

  • European Bell Brass
  • Polished Lacquer Finish
  • American Leather Pads with Metal Resonators
  • Polished Brass Keys
  • Pearloid Buttons
  • Seamless Neck
  • High F# Key
  • Factory Adjusted
  • Thermoplastic Case
  • Mouthpiece with reed

        French Design
       Price: $619.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 899.00

        French Design
       Price: $649.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 949.00

        French Design
       Price: $694.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 1009.00

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Bb Clarinet

Our Bb Clarinet is built for durability and playability. High impact design is used to insure the clarinet is safe in the hands of any player. The Clarinet has a sweet, expressive tone that will please any ear. It comes with a deluxe ABS thermoplastic carry case.
  • High Impact construction
  • Nickel Plated Keys
  • Thermoplastic ABS Case
SS-140 Price: $219.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 359.00
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C Flute

Our new C flute outfit is the perfect buy for a beginning student rental program or the average player. Great care was taken in designing of this flute to assure that all sound holes are properly sized and positioned. This flute is an outstanding value because of its great intonation and sound. Complete with a deluxe padded thermoplastic ABS carry case.
  • Nickle-plated * Silver optional (see below)
  • Diecast Keys
  • Thermoplastic ABS Case

SS-120 Price: * Nickel $229.50 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 359.00 * Silver $309.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 469.00

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B-Flat Trumpets available in Black, Blue, Red, Brass and Nickel plated Finishes

Already receiving rave reviews among musicians for its dependability and tone, this trumpet is the best instrument in this price range for any player. It has a great tone and the valves have superior response. The trumpet outfit also includes a mouthpiece and a deluxe padded ABS Thermoplastic case.
  • European Bell Brass
  • Available in Polished Lacquered Black, Blue, Red or Brass finish and Nickel plated Finish
  • 1st Valve Slide Thumbhook
  • 3rd Valve Slide Ring
  • Matching Mouthpiece
  • Pearloid Buttons
  • Deluxe ABS Thermoplastic Case
  • Add a Trumpet Stand for only 15.00 ( list 22.80 )
  • Add an adjustable Trumpet Mute for a wide variety of sounds for only 39.99 ( list 64.95 )

Lacquered Black, Blue, Red or Brass finish
    Price: $239.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 359.00

Nickel Plated finish
    Price: $289.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 429.00

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B-Flat Cornet

The SS-114 cornet provides a compact shape made from European bell brass and a comfortable valve response perfect for the instrument’s soprano voice. This standard instrument in brass bands has nickel/silver valves to eliminate sticking. A wonderful instrument and a great value. A complete outfit, factory tuned and including a deluxe thermoplastic carry case.

: $249.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to $369.95

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B-Flat Tenor Trombone

The SS-16TB tenor trombone plays with the full, powerful tone needed to support a brass section during the most challenging musical conditions. Its excellent smooth slide action allows for easy note changes in all registers and its small bore makes it ideal for beginning students to Upper level players or jazz musicians.

: $249.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to $379.95

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Brass Bugle

The SS-100BG bugle. Made from bell brass, this finely made bugle is perfect for school music programs and drum and bugle corps around the country. Our brass bugle has a loud and clear tone and is ideal for any player, from beginner and up.

: $67.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to $109.99

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French Horn

Our French horn line is perfect for students, or even that seasoned musician looking to add another horn to the collection. This french horn sounds great and has more features than you'd expect from an instrument priced below 700.00. Both 3 and 4 valve horns are in stock and are made from European bell brass. Each french horn outfit comes with an ABS hi impact deluxe thermoplastic fitted case and mouthpiece.
  • Beautiful European Bell Brass with Lacquer Finish
  • High Impact construction
  • Nickel Plated Keys
  • Mouthpiece Included
  • Deluxe Thermoplastic ABS Case
  • Available in 3 or 4 Valve Models
SS-193 3 Valve Price: $369.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 729.99

SS-194 4 Valve Price: $469.99 (15.00 S&H&INS) Compare to 819.99
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